I am currently offering doula service packages, private classes in hynosis for childbirth and hypnosis sessions to work on all issues related to birth and parenthood.



Birth doula service:                25'000 THB (for details see the doula agreement below).

Hypnosis for childbirth class:  4000 THB for a single session, 7000 THB for 2 sessions. Sessions last between 90 and 120                                                         minutes each.

Hypnosis sessions:                   4000 THB for the intial session and 3000 THB for all further appointments. Sessions last  

                                              around 90 minutes each, with the first one beeing somewhat longer.

As a trained professional, I ask fair compensation for my services. However, I also truly value the positive benefits of doula care and hypnotherapy and do not want financial need to make those services inaccessible to those who desire them. I am therefore open to payment plans and I offer a sliding scale based on individual circumstances.