Born in 1969 to Swiss parents, I have been living in Bangkok since 2004 with my partner and our two children. After my M.A. in performing arts, I have initially worked as an assistant director for a few years. Whilst I loved the creative process, I struggled with the incompatibility of art and real life. After two extensive sabbaticals spend on the road (or rather the dust track) my partner and me decided to relocate to Asia and try something completely new. In 2004 I was offered a position as a Business Executive in Bangkok and I accepted the challenge.

The birth of my two children, in 2005 and 2009 respectively, again changed my perspective on life: I needed to find a way of contributing meaningfully to the world, whilst staying mindful of myself and those dear to me. My journey ever since has been long and winding and is still very much ongoing, but it is filled with a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

I have trained with well-known doula Denise Love in Bangkok and am now a Birth Doula as well as a proud member of the Doulas of Bangkok. I am also a NGH certified hypnotherapist, having trained with Jennifer Norris- Nielsen of Grey Matters Network Singapore. 

As a doula, I understand that this is your body, your baby, your birth. Birth and becoming a parent are potentially life changing events. You deserve to make your unique choices and wholly own this experience. My role as a doula is to wholeheartedly support you with my experience as a birth companion, researcher, hypnotherapist and human being. Grab this opportunity to explore who you are, what you truly believe in and enjoy the journey!

As a hypnotherapist I believe that the biggest hurdle to achieving a fulfilled live is your own personal set of limiting believes. You really are who you think you are. Working with hypnosis, which means working with your subconscious mind, may give you an amazingly clear picture of who you can truly be. Change is possible!

As a human I believe that we all need a safe space as well as the emotional support of a community if we want to challenge the status quo, if we dare to search for our core believes and our purpose in life.